Why so many basketball away games this season?


Photo courtesy Dave Wightman

A lot of this year’s basketball season has been looking like this for the Galena Hawks varsity basketball team. This shows the team on their way to Valdez.

By AARON SUSOOK, staff writer

A majority of the Galena Hawks varsity basketball games this year have been away games. Many may wonder why, but athletic director Jason Harris has an answer.

“Every year, we have to play five conference games and each year we alternate the amount of home games we have. Next year we’ll have more home games and two fewer away games,” said Mr. Harris.

Another problem we face is budget issues and smaller planes, he said.

The planes they use this year have 10-12 fewer seats, making it harder to fly teams in and out. Charters could be flown in, but it would cost $3,000 to $4,000 more, said Mr. Harris.

Galena fans will have something to cheer about on February 23-24 as the Hutchison Hawks oppose the Galena Hawks in the first home basketball games we’ve had this year.

On March 2-3, Galena will also host the Eielson Ravens at home.