Student council, cheer squad join forces to sponsor homecoming


By HALEY LONG, staff writer

Mrs. Casey and Ms. Martinez are partnering up for a new Galena Hawks tradition? Yes! The student council and cheerleaders are partnering up to help set up a whole week for homecoming.

Planning for this went down in Mrs. Casey’s classroom on Oct. 22 before school with her, Ms. Martinez, representatives of the student council, and a cheerleader.

Mrs. Casey said this year the school will have a student council taking over more than one role in order to help fill up positions that are not yet occupied. There are six students involved so far this year. Mrs. Casey is the student council advisor.

The election will be later in the year when there are more students, said Mrs. Casey. “I believe in the power of what students can do.”

There are three main goals for student council this year, she said.

Students will work with the secretaries at each campus putting together a bulletin board that is able to have a message and reflect the environment around the school. The second goal this year is to have a teacher appreciation this spring. The last is partnering up with the cheerleaders to start a tradition of homecoming for our school during the basketball season.

Homecoming for our school can mean for us to show more appreciation for our school, a whole new level of school spirit, said Ms. Martinez.