New culture class teaching students Denaakk’e


Claudette Green with three of her students in the culture and language class.


Claudette Green, the new culture and language teacher at Sidney C. Huntington School, is focusing on teaching Denaakk’e to elementary and high school students.

Denaakk’e in Koyukon Athabascan means “our language.”

Mrs. Green worked in the elementary school for many years. This is her first year as the culture and language teacher. She’s in the remodeled back porch section of the school, behind the new cafeteria.

“I love the new room, it is an incredible learning space. I had a lot of help from the community creating my Koyukon room,” she said. “I’m incredibly grateful for our school for bringing back our culture and language class.”

Mrs. Green said that her classes are important because culture and the language helps the students know who they are and gives them a foundation to their identity. It also encourages pride in their culture and tradition, she said.

Mrs. Green’s experience as an elementary teacher helps her with the background knowledge of teaching strategies and building relationships through all grades from pre-school through high school.

One of her favorite experiences is listening and observing the students speak the Denaakk’e language in and out of class, she said.