Junior class wins Spirit Stick for second year in a row


Photo by Paul Apfelbeck

The Spirit Stick winners – the class of 2020

By KEVIN SHANK, staff writer

For the second year in a row, the juniors won the Galena Spirit Stick after a week’s worth of spirit events and activities at the pep rally on March 1. The pep rally was held at the SHS gym, with students sitting in groups based on their year of classes.

The pep rally was to raise morale for the last basketball games against Valdez.

The first activity of the pep rally was to see which class was the loudest. The Galena cheerleaders would shout our Galena shout and the crowd would spell out victory.

The winning class of this year’s spirit week was the class of 2020, the juniors. Brandon Nolner represented his class of 2020, and accepted the Galena Spirit Stick, and Mr. A took a picture with the trophy for all of Galena to remember.

The rally that the students participated in scored point for your class, and whoever had the most points would win. The activities were performed by volunteers from your class and they would be the participants that score points for your class.

The people who had helped make this happen is GILA principal John Riddle and cheer squad coach Miranda Martinez. Mr Riddle started the kicked off the introduction about why the students were there, and handed it off to Ms. Martinez, who helped run the rally.

The Spirit Stick was presented by first grade teacher Claudette Green.