Galena schools starts broadcasting basketball games

By TIANA CHIKLAK, staff writer

Matthew Stanley in the broadcasting class looks over the new equipment.
Matthew Stanley in the broadcasting class looks over the new equipment. (Photo by Paul Apfelbeck)

The broadcasting class started broadcasting the basketball games this semester.

I’m in the broadcasting class.

Paul Apfelbeck, the broadcasting teacher, has been trying to set up a broadcasting system all first semester. In the beginning of the year, he had to look for a new switcher box so that we can actually broadcast the cameras. Mr. A was told that the cameras from previous years were still working but when he went to get them, the cameras were not working properly. This was another setback for the broadcasting class.

“I was scared I was gonna mess everything up and it wouldn’t happen” said Mr. A.

The first semester was a mess, having to find a switcher box and cameras that work was stressful. After finally getting all the equipment our class needed, we finally started setting things down. The class’s first broadcast was the JV tournament, which was on January 23 to the 25, followed by the varsity home games against Eielson January 31 to February 1.

My own experience behind the camera and the operating board was not as exciting as I thought it was. Being behind the camera, I had to stand up most of the time to make sure that I can see the camera screen clearly, there were also people sitting next to me and the camera and that made it difficult to make sure that they can see the other side of the court without me in standing in front of their way. Also, there were children always moving around and I had to be cautious with the camera. There was a certain point where I had to hold onto the tripod to make sure that it did not fall over.

While I was operating the switcher box and the board, I was more worried about messing up than I was operating the camera. It was a little bit scary because I did not know if I was going to mess up and be on the wrong camera. After operating the board for a while, it got easier to do. Overall, I liked operating them both.

The first broadcast weekend had about 100-200 viewers. Mr. Apfelbeck hopes to connect to the radio station, so that our viewers can also listen to what is going on.

“I felt really proud it was finally happening,” Mr. Apfelbeck said.