JV boys win against Huslia


Photo by Paul Apfelbeck

Coach Harms and the JV boys

By JUSTIN STEPHANOFF, staff writer

The Galena JV boys played the Huslia Hustlers on Feb. 9-10 at Huslia’s home court.

The first game on Feb. 9 was won by the Galena boys 49-43. The top scorer of the first game for the Huslia Hustlers was Tyler Roberts who had 22 points, and the top scorer for the Hawks was Aidan Pitka, who had 11 points.

The second game was on Saturday morning, Feb. 10. The Hawks won that game with the score of 58-24. Aiden also had 35 points in the third game the following night.

“These games, all I’m looking forward to see is trying not to pass 10 turn overs for the team because that’s 20 extra points added to their score, and I’m also challenging you guys to get 20 assists. And a maximum of 10 pass deflections,” coach Ryan Harms said to the Galena JV Hawks the day before the games.

The games held at Huslia was in the new gym which was finished over Christmas break. It was the first ever games in the brand new gym for the Hustlers.

The starters for the Hawks were Daniel Kopp, Justin Stephanoff, Virgil Sam, Donovan Arkanakyak, and Everett Aloysius.