Galena swimmers do well at Wishbone Invitational, seven get medals


Photo by Sarah Brown

A Galena swimmer at the Wishbone Invitational.

By SARAH BROWN, staff writer

Galena high school swimmer did very well at Wishbone Invitational Swim Meet in Fairbanks last weekend (Nov. 14-15).

The Galena Swim Team brought 17 swimmers to the Fairbanks Hammie pool to compete against three other teams. Seven out of 17 of the swimmers metaled in their final events.

The team raced all day Saturday and Sunday, with preliminaries in the morning and finals in the evening.

“The team really went above and beyond what I expected.” said coach Jason Harris.

Athletes Isaac McElwee, Sarah Brown, Angelica Firmin, and John Riddle were all older returning swimmers who were very excited to compete after a year of no swimming due to the flood closing down the pool.

“There is a lot of ground to make up that we lost during a year of not training, but we made a great start of it,” said coach Harris.

The team brought in seven brand new swimmers to the team.

“It was the first meet for a lot of swimmers,” said coach Harris. “All of our kids swam just as well as the Fairbanks teams.”

Coach Harris and coach Lynn Betterton were both very proud of their athletes and are eager for training to continue and to attend the next meet in the spring where galena swimmers can qualify for the junior Olympics.

“Every swimmer [dropped] time and improved their personal best,” wrote coach Betterton on her Facebook page. “Our swimmers earned 47 ribbons out of 16 events between Saturday and Sunday for places one thru 12. We are extremely proud what they accomplished. We will now prepare for the spring meet.”

The results of the meet are:

Boys 500 Yard Freestyle
Virgil Sam 2nd 8.20.37
Joe Riddle 3rd 8.42.01
Boys 200 Yard Backstroke
Joe Riddle 4th 3.32.02
Boys 100 Yard Backstroke
10 and under
Ian Esmailka 3rd 1.55.18
Paul Huntington 4th 2.11.02
Milo Huntington — DQ
Joe Riddle 6th 1.43.32
Boys 100 Yard Breaststroke
John Riddle 5th 1.35.07
Virgil Sam 4th 1.53.96
Girls 100 Yard Breaststroke
Sarah Brown 2nd 1.31.14
Emmie Ellis 3rd 2.28.22
Angelica Firmin — DQ
Girls 200 Yard Breaststroke
Sarah Brown 1st 3.27.67
Boys 50 Yard Breaststroke
Paul Huntington 9th 1.16.23
Milo Huntington — DQ
Girls 50 Yard Breaststroke
Sable Scotton 12th 1.12.26
Boys 100 Yard Freestyle
15 and up
Isaac McElwee 5th 1.08.08
Boys 50 Yard Freestyle
10 and under
Ian Esmailka 3rd 39.31
Paul Hintington 12th 49.48
Milo Huntington 14th 55.79
Girls 50 Yard Freestyle
10 and under
Sable Scotton 14th 47.92
Raeanne Susook 18th 53.68
Mackenzie Tulloch 19th 54.98
Boys 200 Yard Freestyle
John Riddle 6th 2.40.65
15 and up
Isaac McElwee 3rd 2.31.72
Virgil Sam 5th 3.01.12
10 and under
Ian Esmailka 6th 3.37.32
Paul Hintington 7th 4.01.89
Milo Huntington 8th 4.22.49
Girls 200 Yard Freestyle
Sarah Brown 3rd 2.49.66
10 and under
Sable Scotton 9th 4.48.94
Boys 200 Yard IM
Isaac McElwee 3rd 3.01.99
Girls 100 Yard Freestyle
Sable Scotton 13th 1.49.99
Mackenzie Tulloch 17th 2.19.99
Aubrey Tulloch 18th 2.24.15
Lily Esmailka 19th 2.36.07
Boys 100 Yard Freestyle
Ian Esmailka 8th 1.38.66
Paul Huntington 13th 1.53.52
Milo Huntington 16th 2.13.90
Girls 50 Yard Backstroke
Sable Scotton 12th 58.52
Mackenzie Tulloch 15th 1.01.93
Raeanne Susook 16th 1.03.64
Aubrey Tulloch 19th 1.08.81
Lily Esmailka 20th 1.10.52
Boys 50 Yard Backstroke
Ian Esmailka 4th 50.69
Paul Huntington 8th 55.97
Milo Huntington 15th 1.09.06