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The GILA Parent Advisory Committee
The purpose of the GILA Parent Advisory Council is to improve communication with parents and guardians of our students. Please feel free to contact any of the members about school improvement ideas, general concerns, or questions you would like answered. The PAC member will share this information during our monthly meetings. A meeting summary is provided to the school board. It is very important to us that we shorten the distance between you and your child by improving and increasing communication with each other.
GILA PAC members are:
  Amber Krauss, Fort Greely
  Karla Jensen, Pedro Bay
  Marvin Parent, Marshall
  Ruth McElwee,
      White Mountain
  Scott Studie, Wales
  Sue Nicholi, Grayling
  Susan McNeilly, Chevak
  Susie Loon, Selawik
  Tami Jerue, Anvik

Thank you for your support of Galena writers and students
    The Hawk Highlights appreciates the increasing readership we've had throughout the year and support and kindness from those who have backed our efforts. The GILA journalism class provides students a real-life opportunity to apply language arts skills on behalf of the school district and learn how to handle themselves in a professional, mature manner while working with the public. The lessons learned here will last a lifetime.
Mr. A    

The Hawk Highlights welcomes comments, letters to the editor, and inquiries. Email or write to Hawk Highlights, Galena Interior Learning Academy, P.O. Box 359, Galena, AK 99741. Our phone is (907) 656-1205.

Native dancers perform at community gathering to support local radio station

  The Ptarmigan Hall Native Dancers have been delighting the Galena residents, from performances at community concerts to presenting traditional music to seniors at the Galena Elders Center. The group also performed recently for the GCSD school board at its meeting.

See the dancers perform ...

  New lanes arrive at the pool for the swim team

  The Galena swimming pool recently received three new lane lines which will allow them to practice for meets.

  These lane lines are designed to mark the lanes and annihilate the wake between the lanes. The new lane lines replace the old and unoffical rope-and-float lane lines ruined in the 2013 flood.

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Student survey on ballot measure legalizing marijuana: most girls say no, most guys say yes


  A Hawk Highlights survey shows Galena high school students divided between approving or rejecting legalization of marijuana, with most girls responding that they would keep the drug illegal and most boys saying they would make it legal.

  The Hawk Highlights surveyed 57 students between Oct. 21 to Oct. 23 and asked them whether or not the state of Alaska should legalize the recreational use of marijuana, an issue facing voters in Ballot Measure 2 on Nov. 4.

  In the survey, nine girls said yes to legalization and 14 said no. Among the boys, 17 said yes and nine said no. Six girls and two boys were undecided.

  Legalization received a total of 26 yes votes, 23 no votes, and eight were undecided. There are 244 students at the school.

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Data from the survey ...

Candidate Mallott visits with students, talks history, politics

  Byron Mallott, a candidate for Lt. Governor of Alaska, came to Galena on Wednesday, Oct. 15 to talk to students for an hour in Brian Davis's social studies class on a variety of topics.

  Entering Mr. Davis's classroom, Mr. Mallott stood at the front of the room and posed as the teacher for the day. Throughout the class period, Byron talked to students about the exploration of Alaska, the duties of Lt. Governor, and a lawsuit that was recently decided about the state's obligation to have greater voter outreach in traditional Native languages.

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  Students headed to AFN convention

  Four Galena students are headed to the annual Alaska Federation of Native convention in Anchorage this week.

  The students are:

  Nicholas Kelly, 17, a junior from Pilot Station.

  Tristan Hunnicut, 17, a junior from Buckland.

  Annie Williams, 18, a senior from Fort Yukon.

  Harold Naneng, 15, a sophomore from Hooper Bay.

  The AFN convention is Thursday-Saturday, October 23-25, at the Dena'ina Center in Anchorage.

  This year the theme is Stand Up, Speak Up.

  AFN is the largest statewide Native organization in Alaska, according to the AFN website.

Improv night: Students make it up, and everyone approves

  Galena high school students winged it at Saturday's improv in the GILA theater, to the delight of students, families, and community members who attended.

  The group under the direction of residence hall advisor Matt McCann featured everything from pineapples to Abraham Lincoln, vampire killer. And Kim Kardashian. And more pineapples.

  Mr. McCann said he wants to put on another performance soon.

See the photo gallery of the improv students ...

  Parents, families, and friends of GILA students can see our students on stage by viewing the performance on YouTube.

See the video here...

Kaltag junior heads to nation's capital

  Sixteen year-old GILA junior Tristan Madros of Kaltag will attend the SAMHSA National Youth Conference in Washington, D.C. on November 17-19.

  SAMHSA is the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

  Tristan was selected to represent Kaltag. His cousin Courtney Sanders was also selected to attend the conference.

  Travel expenses are being paid for by the Tanana Chiefs Conference.

Volleyball tournament was net-to-net fun all weekend long


  The Galena Hawks volleyball team raised just under $1,700 at its Mixed-6 Tournament fundraiser on Oct. 10-11 in the SHS gym.

  The money will be used to buy knee pads, shorts, and team shirts, said coach Keilah Redman.

  Seventeen teams took part in the tournament. The winning team was the residence hall team, the Staff Infection, who beat the student-led No Nameers in two sets.

  "The team can now buy items that the team is interested in," said coach Redman.

  The team will travel this weekend to Monroe, and then head to Delta Junction for the Breast Cancer Awareness Tournament. "The girls will be sporting their new pink jerseys," said coach Redman.

  The volleyball players are Kameron Reitan, Romay Harris, Julia Riddle, Danyal Harvey, Amber Harvey, Rudi Joseph, Kaitlyn Moos, Carolyn Sam, Julia Grant, Amanda Kopp, Clarissa Carroll, Amy Okbaok and Tirzah Bryant.

See the photo gallery of the tournament here ...

Spirit Week brings together twins, suits and ties, and inside-out clothing

  Galena schools celebrated the cross-country team's trip to the state championship with a week of spirit days as students showed off their support for our runners.

See the photo gallery of spirit week here ...

Wrestlers aim to go to state

  More than 50 student athletes came to the first meeting of the Galena Hawks wrestling team last month.


Galena swimmers are finally getting back into the pool

  Eighteen months after the 2013 flood damaged the community pool, the Galena swim team has returned to the water.

  The team's first meet will be the Wishbone Invite in Fairbanks hosted by the North Pole Midnight Sun Stingrays on Nov. 14-16.


Campaigners bring together faith and fun

  The Campaigners, a religious student club that brings teenagers closer to God, started meeting last month at the home of Galena high school science teacher Ross Tulloch.


Cross-country at division 3A regionals: first place, two personal bests for Galena runners

  The Galena boys took first place and both girls placed in top ten at the Region VI meet in Fairbanks at the North Star golf course on Saturday, Sept. 27.

  The first place runner was Kaleb Korta, a junior from Galena, with a time of 17 minutes, 4.2 seconds on the 5-kilometer course among schools in the 3A division.

  Kaleb was almost one minute ahead of the second-place runner, and came in second overall against all the other runners at the regional meet, including runners from the larger division 4A schools.

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Galena runners come in first, run well at Palmer Invitational

  Galena junior cross-country runner Kaleb Korta was first among the boys in the 5-kilometer course at the Palmer Invitational on Saturday, Sept. 6, with a time of 16 minutes, 51 seconds, eight seconds ahead of the second-place runner from Unalaska.

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Student pilot posts solo flight video

  Galena Interior Learning Academy senior Sam Nash recently filmed his first solo flight. It's an important step in getting a private pilot's license. He is taught by aviation instructor Josh Kaufield.

See the video here ...

Corrie Lambrecht sees stars in her Galena classroom

  Corrie Lambrecht comes to Galena via the heavens.

  Ten years ago, the new science and math teacher was peering into the night sky at the Los Alamos National Laboratory's observatory, working on projects during the summer to go along with her undergraduate work in astrophysics. "I fell in love with astronomy when I was in high school," she said.

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Staff meets to start the school year

  Elementary and high school teachers gathered at the SHS campus on Thursday to focus on strengthening curriculum and improving instruction.

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Kate Quinn is drawing on her dreams

  It's natural for Kate Quinn to be in the classroom.

  "I've always wanted to teach in some capacity," she said, sharing stories about how she'd draw schools, like a young architect, for fun when she was a child.

  Maybe it runs in the family. Miss Quinn's mother, Wendy Quinn, has been working as an an elementary school teacher since 1977, including a long-time stint as the fifth and sixth grade teacher at University Park Elementary School in Fairbanks. Miss Quinn's father, Dennis Quinn, worked for the Alaska Railroad.

  Miss Quinn will be teaching American literature, composition, and creative writing at the GILA campus.

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Galena's new social studies teacher ready to go

  Galena's new social studies teacher says he's pretty much done it all. He's not kidding.

  Brian Davis spent 10 years at the Open Bible Christian School in Newberg, Ore., a small, private school for elementary and high school students.

  "I was the only high school social studies teacher there," he said, where he taught courses ranging from world history and United States history to advanced placement European history, economics, philosophy, psychology, comparative politics, and a seminar on World War II. And physical education classes. And Bible study. Plus he worked at times as the vice-principal, the lead teacher, and the student activities director.

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GILA student uses medical training to comfort, assist fallen construction worker at Ptarmigan Hall

  When a construction worker fell off the Ptarmigan Hall roof on Wednesday evening, the first medical responder on the scene was GILA senior Emmie Ellis.

  Emmie became a state certified emergency trauma technician in 2013 following her training in GILA's health sciences program. When the construction worker tumbled 35 feet to the ground after slipping on a rain-slick rooftop, Emmie was meeting with residence hall dean of students Ben Blasco.

  "We saw him fall," she said. After calling 911, she and Mr. Blasco ran outside. "He looked like he had partially fallen onto the concrete."

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Hawk Highlights photo galleries
Village Science Expo / SHS Elementary Science Fair

Saturday night theater at GILA!
The Foul Fish Man, And Other Alaskan Tales
Fifth Annual Boutique and Fashion Show
Ptarmigan Hall Improvisation Group

Basketball and senior appreciation night - March 1, 2014
Senior night
Galena Lady Hawks 55 / Hutchison Lady Hawks 51
Galena Hawks 56 / Hutchison Hawks 69

Basketball - February 28, 2014
Galena girls C team 23 / Galena JV Lady Hawks 16
Galena Lady Hawks 33 / Hutchison Lady Hawks 30
Galena Hawks 56 / Hutchison Hawks 48

Junior varsity tournament
February 1, 2014
Galena JV boys 75 / Galena boys C team 54
Galena JV girls 36 / Galena girls C team 19
Galena JV boys 65 / Huslia Hustlers 37
Galena JV Lady Hawks 13 / Huslia Lady Hustlers 41

Tournament award winners

January 31, 2014
Lady Hawks junior varsity games
Boys junior varisty - photo gallery one
Boys junior varisty - photo gallery two

Jan. 24, 2014 basketball games
Lady Hawks 56 / Eielson 42
Boys team - Hawks 60 / Eielson 15
Little Hawks
Jan. 25, 2014 basketball games
Lady Hawks 58 / Eielson 30
Boys team - Hawks 68 / Eielson 28
Junior varsity boys' and girls' teams vs. "C" teams

Class of 2013 graduation - first photo gallery
Class of 2013 graduation - second photo gallery
Class of 2013 graduation - third photo gallery
Class of 2013 graduation - fourth photo gallery
Prom 2013 - first gallery
Prom 2013 - second gallery
Prom 2013 - third gallery
Afterprom party
Feb. 15, 2013, basketball games
Lady Hawks 49, Monroe 25
Galena boys 23, Monroe 40
Feb. 16, 2013, basketball games
Galena boys 38, Monroe 79
Lady Hawks 42, Monroe 45
Graduating seniors honored
Little Hawks - future champions on the court
Feb. 1, 2013, basketball games
Galena boys 59, Delta 55
Lady Hawks 46, Delta 43
Feb. 2, 2013, basketball games
Lady Hawks 46, Delta 50
Galena boys 51, Delta 54
Jan. 18, 2013 JV tournament basketball games
Lady Hawks against Huslia
Galena boys against Huslia
Lady Hawks against Tanana
Jan. 19, 2013, JV tournament basketball games
Galena boys against Tanana
Lady Hawks against Huslia
Galena boys against Huslia
Award ceremony winners

JV intersquad game Jan. 11, 2013
Varsity boys vs. Tikigaq Jan. 11, 2013
JV intersquad Jan. 12, 2013
Lady Hawks intersquad Jan. 12, 2013
Varsity boys vs. Tikigaq Jan. 12, 2013

Lady Hawks vs. Nome Dec. 15, 2012
Lady Hawks vs. Nome Dec. 14, 2012

Galena swim meet November 2012
Hawk wrestlers demo exhibition November 2012
Veteran's Day gala by elementary students Nov. 8, 2012
Stephen Blanchett at elder's center Nov. 7, 2012
Stephen Blanchett working with students Nov. 8, 2012
Halloween parade at senior center Oct. 31, 2012
Halloween carnival Oct. 31, 2012
Junior high basketball tournament Oct. 20, 2012
Yukon Jamboree Oct. 6, 2012

WISA photos day one - ski racing March 2012
WISA photos day two - biathlon March 2012
WISA photos day three - relay race March 2012
WISA photos day three - awards ceremony March 2012

Spring carnival photos (page two) March 2012
Spring carnival photos (page one) March 2012

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News articles
January-May 2014
Cyberbullying law proposed
Student takes his first solo flight
School board director sees GILA
Wilkinson is new counselor
Health academy on campus
Health careers focus of trip
Mr. A is new tech teacher
GILA looks at welding, small engines grant
Students hear relationship talk
March for Respect
Galena gets new police chief
Students present fashion show, play, film
Iditarider pedals through
Galena youth delegates head to TCC convention
Iditaread arrives
Law officers recruit students
IDEA visitors enjoy campus
Health academy offered
Solo pilots soar over school
Students serve up Valentines for elders
Mr. Lamkin is new English teacher
Elementary teachers honored for successes
September 2013
Welcome potlatch
Dorm counselor now at GILA
January-May 2013
Graduation ceremony
Village Science Expo shows traditions in a new way
Activities Fair shows off Galena student talents
Staff writer honored with Washington D.C. internship
Science fair brings crowds to elementary gym
Military Youth Academy leader joins respect march
EXTREME Face-Off winner crowned
New admissions coordinator joins GILA staff
Get ready for testing
Firefighting classes offered to Galena students
Changes coming next year
IDEA Battle of the Books teams take state titles
Readfest event links students and families to books
Iron Dog kids head out
BMX bikers talk and perform at the SHS gym
Aviation teacher Josh Kaufield named Pilot of the Year
'I was the only person on Earth'
Five GILA aviation students take their first solo flights
Compost at the dining hall
Big stink wafts across campus
New solar panels supplying power for Galena students
Student filmmakers put on show
Doyon officials visit school seeking potential hires
District seeks money to create HQ building classrooms
Automotive classes are getting driving simulator
August-December 2012
Cosmetology program earns national recognition
College recruiters on campus
Newest school board member promotes success
Presidential election survey has surprising results
Career preparation program begins
Administrators switch positions
Students in drug-free week celebration
GILA student invited to elders and youth conference
Motivational speaker warmly greeted
New shop building dedicated
Sen. Murkowski speaks to journalism class
Orientation starts the school year
Community welcomes teachers at potluck
Summer 2012
Staff gathers for group photo before school starts
Winter cold won't bother new GILA principal
Ms. Brokaw is new middle school teacher
New social studies teacher welcomed to GILA
Student-grown potatoes are growing well
January-May 2012
Students finish year earning private pilot's licenses
Elementary science fair shows off knowledge to community
Kids swarm all over GILA campus searching for Easter eggs
March for Respect in Galena
Man runs frozen river for suicide prevention
ERA Aviation gives school major donation
Riff@n*Hook Festival was exhilarating
New cosmo teacher welcomed to GILA
Students survive record cold temps with ease
Galena performer has CD celebration
Globetrotters dazzle Galena students

January-May 2014
Louden donates $5,000 to NYO
Pass The Oxygen team wins Yukon shootout
Galena dominates WISA
Galena skiers sweep Arctic Games
Mrs. Buchanan, Mr. Karlberg honored as coaches of the year
Girls fifth at state
SHS junior high students wins international medal at Arctic Winter Games/a>
Lady Hawks head to state
Buzzer beater beats boys
Community comes out to support Arctic Winter Game athletes
Girls sweep road trip
Boys battle Monroe, Delta
New NYO coach
Boys, girls beat up visiting Eielson
January-May 2013
Galena students going to Arctic Winter Games
Swim meet
Welding class builds new gym equipment
All seven girls place at state wrestling tournament
Hawks go up against Hutchison, Monroe Catholic
GILA junior makes winning shot
Lady Hawks finally beat Harpoonerettes in Pt. Hope
Cross-country skiing starts
Huslia Hustlers sweep Junior Varsity Tournament
August-December 2012
Four wrestlers compete at state tournament
Preseason basketball preview
Galena swim team raises $760 at mock meet for athletes
Two wrestlers take top honors at Hutch Meltdown
Hawk wrestlers demonstrate diverse skills at exhibition
Galena volleyball player named to All-Tourney squad
WNBA player shares life experiences
Mom's achievement inspires GILA teen
Lady Hawks volleyball team wins sportsmanship award
Two wrestlers earn Bush Brawl tourney medals
Galena junior high teams sweep tourney 1,2,3
Hawk wrestlers make it to finals
Galena runner fifth at state championship
January-May 2012
Galena swimmer headed to Junior Olympic trials
Lady Hawks win state championship, community honors effort

Hawk Highlights audio
Graduation ceremony - May 17, 2013
Listen to the outstanding performance by Curtis Richardson of the song "Soul Shine" at the 2013 Galena graduation ceremony
Riff@n*Hook finale concert podcast - March 30, 2013

Hawk Highlights video
Galena teachers Alyson Esmailka and Cathy Evans were showcased for their talents in their art classes on KTUU Channel 2's newshour on March 13, 2013. Thanks to Channel 2 reporter Dan Carpenter for highlighting the hard work of Galena teachers.
BMX bikers demonstrate skills at the SHS gym - March 2013.
Freshman Anthony Sam's full-court basket at the buzzer at the end of the Huslia game - Jan. 11, 2013
2013 EXTREME Face-Off performers
      Curtis Richardson - first
      Dylan Paslov
      Kayla Stepetin
      Candace Cox
      Kenny Chaliak
      Curtis Richardson - second
      Aaron Cox
Many thanks to Isaac McElwee for these video clips
Music and arts schedule at Ptarmigan Hall
Oct. 27- Nov. 2

Need to know what's coming up?
Galena event planner
Updated regularly!

Galena schools calendar for the upcoming year

Class schedule

Community calendar

Event notices can be emailed or call (907) 656-2053 weekdays.

Tuesday, Oct. 28
Young Life Club
The Young Life Club meets 7-8 p.m. in the SHS gym.

Wednesday, Oct. 29
Battle of the Books
Fifth and sixth graders meet 3-3:45 p.m. with Mrs. Brown in the SHS high school library for Battle of the books practice. Third graders will meet with Mrs. Moos in the SHS elementary library 3-3:45 p.m. Popcorn is served.
The Campaigners meet 5:30-7:45 p.m. at either the Tulluch's or the Hornfischer's house.

Friday, Oct. 31
Halloween Carnival
The annual Halloween carnival is 4:30-6 p.m. in the SHS gym. There will be lots of booths and activities for all Galena students.

Haunted House, Halloween Events, and Fireworks
The Haunted House returns to the student union building on the GILA campus at 7 p.m., $2 for students and $4 for adults. Face painting and other activities are in the dining hall starting at 8 p.m.; entrance to those activities are free. Fireworks are planned at 9:30 p.m.
Saturday, Nov. 1
Halloween Costume Dance
The annual Halloween dance is 9-midnight on the GILA campus. Admission is $5 without a costume and free for those wearing a costume. There will be a "real costume" expectation; don't just throw on a basketball jersey and say you're in the NBA. There will be prizes for the best costume. This will be a dance to die for!

Community movie night
This week's community movie is Transformers: Age of Extinction, rated PG-13. The movie runs for 165 minutes. The movie starts at 6 p.m. in the GILA theater; doors are closed at 6:15 p.m., with no one allowed to arrive or leave after that time.