Ineke Wilkinson new counselor at the residence hall


Photo by Paul Apfelbeck

Ineke Wilkinson

By SONNY KRUGER, staff writer

Ineke Wilkinson will become the dorm counselor next school year.

“It’s my first job in official counseling,” said Mrs. Wilkinson.

She will be working alongside her husband, current dorm counselor Joel Wilkinson.

When asked what it be like working with her husband, Mrs. Wilkinson said, “I am very excited, we love working together and are anticipating a great school year next year.”

“I will be starting groups like a relationship skills group,” she said.

She will also counsel groups, have individual sessions, and address crisis situations.

She is from Grand Rapids, Mich., and will graduate May 3 with a master’s degree in counseling from Cornerstone University, which is also located in Grand Rapids.

She moved to Alaska after hearing about the opportunity for working at GILA.