New academic support program coming to the dorms

By SOLOMON SAGE and SIERRA WALKER, staff writers

Free use courtesy of Creative Commons

A new kind of academic support program is at the dorms starting the week of January 13.

This is an opportunity for students to have the option to know and work with Dawn Pomrening and Kim Kopp, said Jason Kopp, director of federal programs. Ms. Pomrening taught several academic support classes when she was in the high school.

Mr. Kopp said the new academic support program is a tutoring time for students to get some homework help. This is a flexible time, which means Ms. Pomrening and Ms. Kopp decide when they come in and how long they will be helping with homework.

SHS students are allowed to come and get some homework, he said.

There is a room set up back at the dorms known as the WAR room, and is set up just like a regular classroom.

This semester students will have no excuse to be failing their classes, said Mr. Kopp.

This academic support class is paid for out of federal funds, he said.