High winds close down classes


High winds in Galena on Tuesday (Feb. 12) cancelled bus transportation to and from each campus, stranding some boarding school students at the SHS campus for the day and causing many classes to be cancelled.

“It is too dangerous to transport students,” said Ken Essex, the principal of the Sidney C. Huntington School.

The busses were not running due to safety concerns, he said. A bus this morning got stuck in the snow on its way to the SHS campus, and there were concerns about high winds coming off the runway along the dike road.

The students that were supposed to be at SHS for classes still at the GILA campus were dispersed to either the gym, the SUB, or the commons area at GILA. About two dozen students from the boarding school made it to the SHS campus early in the morning before conditions got worse, so they remained on that campus all day.

Voluntary After School and afterschool sports have also been canceled due to unsafe bus and van transportation.

The weather in Galena, according to the National Weather Service around noon on Tuesday, was 23 degrees, but felt like 7 degrees because of the 36 mile per hour winds. The National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning until 6 p.m. tonight (Tuesday, February 12).