Slush day at GILA brings students together on one campus


Photo by Liam Thompson

Loads of slush.

By RAYANNE ALICK, staff writer

Recent warm weather has caused a rapid warm melting on Galena’s roads, creating almost a foot of slush and large puddles, with all of the high school students moving to the GILA campus for the day.

Several teachers were stuck in the slush, including SHS assistant principal David Casey and GILA language arts teacher Sutton Casey, whose Nissan Rogue couldn’t get out of the rutted wet snow in front of the GILA dining hall.

Supt. Jim Merriner cancelled transportation for both campuses, said Mr. Casey.

“Even though these are abnormal circumstances we want to make it a normal day as possible.”, said Mr. Casey

All the students gathered at the GILA campus and had their classes there throughout the day. Some SHS teachers have had classes in the SUB, the Two Seasons Dining Hall, or joined classrooms with other teachers

Across the GILA campus throughout the morning, workers from the GCSD maintenance crew, the state crew, the city of Galena crew and Mac Wied, automotive technology teacher, used heavy machinery, including front loaders, to remove slush from the roadway and walkways.

Road conditions yesterday (Monday, March 25, 2019) were stable and safe for transportation, but overnight, temperatures did not get below freezing which caused the roads to melt.

Liam Thompson contributed to the reporting for this article.