Campaigners bringing devotion, change to Galena youth

By SARAH THOMPSON, staff writer

Martin Hornfischer and Johannes Weinmann are hosting a mission in Galena called Campaigners. The Christian outreach is aimed at discipleship among local youth.

Campaigners is to help teenagers to follow Jesus, said Mr. Weinmann. “People get to know Jesus and to get to know him more.”

Mr. Hornfischer said that the mission of Campaigners “is to try to take a close look of what the Bible tells us.” About two to twenty lo al youth go to Campaigners.  Right now, Campaigners is a weekly youth group.

Mr. Hornfischer said he came to Galena because he is driven to spread the word of Jesus, and the Galena Bible Church asked for help.  

Mr. Weinmann said he came to Galena to volunteer before going to college and he wanted  to go to Galena. At Campaigners, he said he likes to see “a lot of people get to know each other; there is singing songs, games, and devotion…  have fun at Campaigners and forget about school.”

He said that he wants to help people to get to know Jesus and change peoples lifestyle, which can then influence the community in a positive way.  But it really depends on the person to decide to change, he said.