Spirit Week coming up, finishes with costumes, senior appreciation, and volleyball


The prize of prizes, the Galena Spirit Stick, is shown here in the hands of the class of 2020, who won the stick during a pep rally in March 2019.

Haleigh Cowell, Staff writer

Our school celebrates Spirit Week Monday through Friday next week.  

“We hope to see some excitement and support to our fellow Hawks!” said Miranda Martinez, cheer squad coach and event organizer.  

Spirit Week begins Monday, Oct. 18 with Pajama Day at the school.  

“We are going to have dress up for the week,” said Ms. Martinez. “We are also hopefully going to have an assembly. We are also having volleyball home games where we will celebrate seniors involved in fall activities.”  

The Galena volleyball team plays visiting Nome and Hutch in the SHS gym on Friday and Saturday.  During the games, seniors participating in fall activities will be honored. The times for the games and senior night are still being arranged as of press time. 

The week concludes with a costume Halloween dance at the SUB at 8 p.m. Friday, Oct. 22.  

“Spirit week is important to bring students and staff together to raise the morale of the school environment. It is important to support are students involved in activates threw going to games and recognizing their accomplishments. It is also a chance to unite all grade levels and campuses,” said Ms. Martinez.  

Spirit Week is an important part of our community, said Ms. Martinez.  

“I hope it gives staff and students a chance to get to know each other. I also hope to make students feel recognized. We hope to see some pride in our school.”  

Sprit Week dress-up activities are:  

Monday, Oct. 18: PJ’s day – Wear your pjs to school  

Tuesday, Oct. 19: Dress to impress – Make sure to dress your best to impress  

Wednesday, Oct. 20: Random Fandom – If you have a favorite show or sports team much sure to dress up as them  

Thursday, Oct. 21: Hat Day – Wear your hat to school  

Friday, Oct. 22: Hawk Day – Show your school spirit by wearing blue and gold.