Galena graduate returns to help local health clinic


The staff of the Hawk Highlights had their first interview with Galena graduate Krystal Dobbins. Ms. Dobbins is standing in the center. Staff members are, from left, Charlene Redfox, Jaci McKindy, Anne Moses, Marilynn Mae, Rhianne Isaac, Haleigh Cowell, Trinity Pavilla, Stephanie Overton, and Logan Holland.

The Hawk Highlights staff

GILA graduate Krystal Dobbins returned to Galena this week to help nurses and health providers at the health clinic.

Ms. Dobbins is a certified medical assistant working for the Tanana Chiefs Conference. She was the GILA salutatorian in 2003.

She said that her schooling in Galena helped her career by teaching her how to create a schedule, provide accountability, and set boundaries. “The education was great,” she said.

The Edgar Noller Health Center was short-staffed, she said. Ms. Dobbins arrived in Galena on Aug. 30 and left on Friday (Sept. 3).

Ms. Dobbins, 36, is from Nunam Iqua. She attended school in Galena during her freshman year when it was called the Project Education Charter School, and returned for her senior year.

She earned her certificate from the National Health Association.

“I work under a provider and I provide them with patient care,” she said.

She said she enjoyed school in Galena, and shared some good memories.

“Join and do as much as you can,” she said. “If you get homesick, it will pass. Make as many memories as you can… Be part of the community.”

“GILA helped me grow and just become a better person.”

She said she’s still in touch with her former classmates.

“You’ll probably be friends for life,” she said during an interview with the journalism class.