Winners announced for Halloween art contest


Photo by Paul Apfelbeck

Lucas Enchenique’s first place painting at the Halloween Art Contest at the Two Seasons dining hall.

By KAT WILDE, staff writer

The winners of the first-ever Halloween art contest at GILA’s Two Seasons dining hall were second grader Danica Billings and seventh grader Lucas Enchenique.

The contest took place in the dining hall. Judging was on October 26. It was sponsored by dining hall supervisor Tammy White; the judges of GILA secretary Angie Pittsenbarger and GILA vice principal Nick Schumacher.

Six students won prizes for the contest, separated into two divisions, one for the older high school teenagers, and one class for the younger elementary children.

The winners were chosen by “creativity [in the older students] and nice neat coloring [in the younger students],” said Mr. Schumacher. Something where the picture had met the criteria of the rules set. The judges were impressed by many of the works.

“I am constantly impressed by the skills of our students,” Mr. Schumacher said.

Dining hall supervisor Ms. White said they will be having a contest similar to the one held this month for Christmas. Along with thanking the Dining Hall Stall for helping making the prizes, she said, “we appreciate the hard work because it helped make the dining hall look festive.”

The winners in each of the divisions were:

1st place: Danica Billings, 2nd grade
2nd place: Marylene Burgett, 3rd grade
3rd place: Owen Ross, 2nd grade
Junior high and high school
1st place: Lucas Enchenique, seventh grade
2nd place: Anthony Lyon, senior
3rd place: Katelyn Holmberg, junior