Good news about fire drills


By KIANA MELOVIDOV, staff writer

During last fire drill at the Sidney C. Huntington campus, the building was evacuated in a minute and thirty seconds.

“We will continue to have fire drills every month and we are going to practice other drills such as earthquakes and lock downs so we are prepare for this kind of stuff,” Ken Essex said.

The administration of the Sidney C. Huntington campus changed that fire drills are planned instead of unannounced so everyone is prepared and know what to do. This change was made so that the building can be evacuated faster than previous fire drills.

One minute and thirty seconds to be evacuated is faster than we have ever done in the past, said Mr. Essex, and this shows that it is good so everyone knows what to expect in a real emergency. They also hope that this change will be more effective moving students safely out of the building.