UAA recruiter visits Galena classes

UAA recruiter visits Galena classes

By ANTHONY LYON, staff writer

Heather Brekke, from Anchorage, came to Galena to talk to students interested in attending the University of Alaska Anchorage in early March. She is a Community and Technical College majors advisor for UAA.

To get into certain classes, a student has to take a placement test, she said. The school offers remedial classes to students who need them. If a student is plaining to be a full time student, that student will have to take 12-15 credits while attending the college.

Most students are encouraged to just take 12 credits for your freshman year to get into things, she said. For every hour you are in classes , there will be twice as much time out of school completing homework.

School can be very stressful for a college student, so a student should take time out for themselves, she said, suggesting things like going for walks or playing games.

“If you have a goal, leave a backup plan,” Ms. Brekke said. It is always a good idea to have a backup plan in case you end up failing or losing interest in what you’re studying.

A student should go to college for themselves, not because someone told them to, she said.

A lot of students go to counselors upset because they are failing classes they didn’t want in the first place, she added.

Always remember that you are there for yourself; you are the one doing the work you should choose your classes and schedule, she said. UAA has a great check list that can help you get started on your goal for applying. Registration is April 10th for students wanting to attend UAA in the fall of 2017. You can contact Heather Brekke at (907) 786-6897.