Joker: just another Rick in our universe

By SHANE HILDRETH, staff writer

The Joker (Source: Al Dia News)

Film review 

The Joker is an incredible movie that Joaquin Phoenix has completely and utterly ruined. His character has this mental illness that makes him have sudden outburst of laughter that don’t match his feelings.

He is in a way like Rick Sanchez, the Rick from dimension C-137. Arthur is as bad as a clown as Rick is a grandfather to Morty. Arthur brings a gun to a children’s hospital, which is recklessly insane, and Rick brings Morty along on several precarious but also funny adventures where Morty is constantly face-to-face with death.

Arthur and Rick weren’t always sociopathic or psychopathic. Arthur gets beat in an ally by a bunch of teens, gets fired from his job as a clown, and murders four people on two different occasions, making him the most notorious psychopath of Gotham City.

In the episode “The Rickshank Rickdemption,” a member of the Galactic Federation is interrogating Rick inside of his memory trying to get the invention of interdimensional travel out of Rick. While in this memory, Rick refuses to share his ideas with the Council of Ricks, which leads the council to blow up his wife and child, making him entitled to a sociopathic award of the year.

Arthur’s mother is in the hospital and he smothers her with a pillow. I don’t know if that is merciful because she’s in a bad condition, and maybe he doesn’t want her to suffer, or perhaps he has gotten tired of caring for her. Rick, on the other hand, couldn’t care less about the alternate realities that he has ruined because he left and found a new one that is almost entirely like his previous reality.

In other words, these two people have certain mental disorders that prevent them from function properly. Rick is carefully reckless by taking his grandson Morty on dicey expeditions in the universe, while never letting him pass on to the not so ensured afterlife. Arthur is has the extraordinary inability to express his feelings with clarity. He was bringing the world joy and happiness one moment and the next he was a homicidal maniac dancing in a rundown bathroom in Gotham City.