Toys for Tots still coming despite lack of military help


Photo courtesy Jackie Lumba

Santa greets two youngsters at last year’s Toys for Tots celebration.

By HAILEY AMBROSE, staff writer

This year’s annual Toys for Tots will be held on Wednesday, Dec. 20 in the SHS high school gym. This year will be pretty different from the previous years and it seems that this isn’t the first year that Toys for Tots has changed.

“When I was young they had toys for tots at the military base and not the school.” said Claudette Green, an elementary teacher at the Sidney C. Huntington School who is involved with the annual holiday event.

Toys for Tots is open to all children from preschool through the eighth grade.

Toys for Tots is put on and provided by the military and has been for a very long time. They will not be able to make it to Galena this year due to the traveling conditions because they usually drive here on snow machines, Mrs. Green said.

This is the first ever year that the military will not be here to hand out the toys.

Even though the military will not be here, they have still provided Galena with the toys, she said.

The toys are already in Galena and have been stored in a safe place. Mrs. Green and other parent volunteers are organizing and putting on this event.