Students take WorkKeys test

By KAITY ALBERT, staff writer

Juniors and a few seniors of Galena Interior Learning Academy and Sidney Huntington School took the WorkKeys test on Wednesday, Jan. 14, and Thursday, January 15, on both campuses.

The WorkKeys testing is the College or Career Readiness Assessment (CCRA) taken by students because the State of Alaska requires students graduating in 2015 and beyond to take it in order to graduate. There are three subjects within the WorkKeys testing – math, locating information and reading.

Seventy-one students tested in Mr. A’s room on the SHS campus and Mr. Davis’ room on the GILA campus.

The seniors who did not take it last year or want to improve their scores will be testing as well. Students will be split into a number of groups due to the large amount of students testing.
It is mainly the minimum testing done in order to graduate.

Seniors that have already taken it their junior year can go on to take ACTs or SATs but are not required to. WorkKeys is taken to graduate high school, while ACTs and SATs are taken if they want to attend college.