Students start practicing for Riff@N*Hook concert


Photo by Chloe Tinker

Ptarmigan Hall music and arts director Natalie Olender guides students during their first day of practice in preparation for the upcoming Riff@N*Hook finale concert.

By TANISHA UISOK, staff writer

Grade school students started practicing for the Riff@N*Hook finale concert on Saturday in the GILA Theater.

Natalie Olender, the music and arts director at Ptarmigan Hall, spent Monday afternoon helping the grade school students with their play, along with assistants junior Leah McElwee and Caylee Redford, local Young Life director.

The play is about pirates. The students said they enjoy working with Ms. Olender.

Their practice is after school in the SHS elementary library.

The Riff@N*Hook finale concert is at 7 p.m. Saturday.