Ski meet set for Feb. 19-20 in Galena


Photo by Sarah Brown

Galena skier Carolyn Sam is shown here competing at last year’s ski meet in Galena.

By LENNEA PICNALOOK, staff writer

Galena will be hosting a ski competition soon!

Coach Jon Korta is thrilled to show the visiting Unalakleet skiers what it is like to ski the trails in the Interior. “There is a small chance that a few skiers from Nenana will attend as well,” said coach Korta.

The first race will be starting on the Feb. 19 in the afternoon, possibly around 3 or 4 p.m. A definite time has not been set. The ski meet will be hosted up north of the new road at Dinosaur Lake. There will be races the following morning and early afternoon on Saturday between 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Last year’s ski meet turned out very well and Galena decided to host it again, he said. Everyone had a really good time out on the trails in Galena.

Coach Korta is seeking more opportunities to get the students excited about skiing and being active outdoors. He wants the students to have a chance to compete and socialize with their peers on the other ski teams. This will be the first race this year for both Unalakleet and Galena.

The Galena skiers are:
Jacob Moos
Carolyn Sam
Sarah Brown
Walter Lord
Harold Naneng
Tristan Hatch
Daniel Kopp
Kevin Bergman
Pearle Green
Breanna McLain
Cash Bergman
Joe Riddle
Paytyn Cleaver
Sable Scotton
Landen Olin-Duncan
Ian Esmailka
Shelby Williams
Finn Hornfischer