Sam’s Club closure taken in stride by Galena schools


By CORA JONES, staff writer

The closing of Sam’s club will not affect most of the staff and students at the Galena City school district. Sam’s Club closed their stores in Alaska on Jan. 26.

Fruit and vegetables used to be purchased at Sam’s Club for the SHS cafeteria, said a cafeteria worker. Those purchases will now be shared with the GILA dining hall, which did not purchase those things at Sam’s Club.

Apart from the cafeteria, the only things that are brought from Sam’s Club is coffee, sugar, creamer, and Clorox wipes.

“Closing of Sam’s Club won’t have an effect on Galena City school district. We have different accounts with other sellers,” said Mary Demoski, accounts payable clerk in the school district business office.

“It was good getting from Sam’s because they were sold through bulk,” said Ms. Demoski.

Even though Sam’s Club is closing, Costco has announced that it will be opening at the same location, according to news reports.