RIFF@N*HOOK Festival arrives next week


Photo by Paul Apfelbeck

GILA student Calvin Moore practices on the drums in preparation for last year’s RIFF@N*HOOK festival.

By TANISHA UISOK, staff writer

Students start practicing for the Riff “N” Hook Festival next week.

“We are hoping to incorporate more dance,” said Natalie Olender, music and arts director at Ptarmigan Hall. “It’s going to be a really good show. I think it will be really fun, the community will enjoy it a lot.”

The Extreme Face-Off, a competition between musicians in which the audience decides the winner, is on Wednesday, Feb. 3. The finale performance will be on Saturday, Feb. 6.

The sign-ups will start on Sunday after the Super Bowl.

There will be a lot different performers, including the Ptarmigan Hall Native Dancers, pow pow drumming, musical theater, a ukulele group, and possibly hip-hop dancers.

Right after school during the week of February 1-5, Ms. Olender will be offering an elementary age musical theater session at SHS, according to an email from Ms. Olender. Students will learn a musical number with choreography and perform at the Finale Concert on Saturday night. Students will be required to attend the Friday night dress rehearsal at the GILA auditorium after dinner. Registration is $20 per student for the week.

There will be more dance groups and some special performers from the staff. Karrie Pavish Anderson is working on a pep band, which is new.