Review: Riff@N*hook festival offers music, poetry, art and a grudge match


Photo of Paul Apfelbeck

Kelsey Steven, the winner of this year’s Extreme Face Off.

By KAT WILDE, staff writer

A music celebration called Riff@n*Hook took place in the sub that was open to the public, in the week of October 10-16, and it was an interesting place to be, because it was a better event than last year.

The stage with red and purple lighting, dimly lighted, bright hall way lights making its way into the door lighting up the dark room a little further. Singing leaking out and into the rest of the building. Silent chatter, and a glance around someone’s head.

Riff@n*Hook, a music celebration that had taken place last week, that contained three different events, Extreme Face Off, Art, Dance, Poetry Night, and lastly Open Mic. When asked how the Extreme Face Off went, Natalie Olander, the music and arts director, said, “It was really fun, I think it was really laid back and had more of a ‘living room vibe’.” Which is completely true, it’s usually held in the composite building, in the auditorium. It had been stated that the stage probably brought stress and a feel of uneasiness.

This year something interesting had happened; the same two, not one but two, contestants that fought for first place last year, had another quarrel, “On Tuesday, Extreme Face Off was exciting because the same top two from last year,” Natalie said referring to Kelsey Stevens, and Kathrine “Kt” Chase. In the end, Kelsey Steven won.

The Art, Dance, and Poetry Night was different, more laid back as people stood in front of the crowd. Poetry was read out loud to the crowd, things people found beautiful, funny, or moving, a few went up with their own pieces. Galena staff had also gone up to recite a few things, such as Makayla, Lowen Ashley, Mr. Apfelbeck, and many others. The Native Dance Club had also performed at the beginning, and end of the event. Afterward, the winner and runner up of the “Alaska Night Sky” art competition was announced. First place went to, Gabrielle Chase with a $50 prize for Amazon. While second, by default, went to Kat Wilde, a $20 prize to the SUB student store.

Open Mic was another, and the final, music event that took place October, Sunday 16th. There were many performers, students and staff alike. Sarah Brown, Lou and Elle Karlberg, Amanda Kopp, Kenni Ann Hildreth and Cora Jones, Cora Foster, and others sang in front of a crowd, for fun rather than for the prize. Sarah Brown, sang a piece from a previous Musical Theatre production from Natalie Olender called Romeo and Jerissa, a solo performed by her character. Lou and Elle Karlberg performed a duet.