Pool closed due to heating problems


Photo by Paul Apfelbeck

The swim team uses the pool in this 2015 photo.

By HAILEY AMBROSE, staff writer

As many are aware, the pool has been closed for quite some time now due to issues related to getting sufficient heat within the building.

“The city has been very active in trying to get the heat issue repaired,” said the pool manager, Sandy Scotton.

New burners have been ordered and are expected to arrive in mid-November. “We are optimistic that after the installation of the new burner units, both boilers in the pool will be fully functional and can be used when the waste heat from the power house is insufficient to fully heat the building,” said Sandy.

In an effort to put as much heat into the pool building as possible, balancing valves into the city offices, clinic, fire hall, and high school have all been closed and those facilities are running on their boilers.

“Be assured that the facility will be open again as soon as heat is sufficiently restored and the pool water and showers temperatures are adequate,” she said.