Phlight Club welcomes elementary and junior high students


The junior high students had attended Phlight Club for their first time this semester during a gathering in January.

Getting ready for high school and enjoying fun games and activities, elementary teacher and Phlight Club volunteer Jared Carlson and his junior high students ranging from fifth to eighth grades attended Phlight Club: Phly-By-Night on Jan. 19 from 5 to 9 p.m. in the big gym at SHS.

Differing from high school where it’s about building friends and relationships, junior high students get ready for their high school years while seeing how awesome they are, said Mr. Carlson.

With pizza and ice cream provided for tummies to fill, the junior high students prepared their homemade ice cream a week before to enjoy. “It was awesome!” Mr. Carlson said, adding that twenty-five junior high students attended.

Having a great time, they were successful and wanted to come back again, he said. With plenty of activities including the trust fall and the standing spider web, they were able to communicate with each other and strengthen their relationships.