Phlight Club returns to Galena


Photo courtesy Phlight Club.

Scenes from past Phlight Club visits to Galena schools.

By JANELL ECHUCK, staff writer

Phlight Club is finding its way back to Galena.

The upcoming gathering of Phlight Club is October 26 and 27 in the GILA gym. The gathering starts at 5 p.m. Friday and continues through 3 p.m. Saturday.

A week before the event starts, there will be sign-up sheets at the dorms, school offices, and in Ms. Pomrening’s room at the SHS campus. The gathering will be a lock-in.

Phlight Club is one to three day leadership academy during which participants, both youth and adults in your community and the school district, work and play alongside each other, said Dawn Pomrening, the Galena Phlight Club organizer.

It’s fun, challenging, interactive, and filled with information and ideas to inspire you to create a life that fits you, she said.

Phlight Club reminds each participant of how unique they are, she said, adding that every youth lives upon a web of support of their own creation. “At Phlight club, you look inside yourself to find your mission and define your dreams,” she said. .

The Phlight club gathering is an overnight lock-in where students will be participating in trust and team building activities, she said. Adults from the community will join students in hope to connect with students, and students will connect with other students. The goal of Phlight Club is to reach out to as many students as possible.