No more headphones, earbuds in classes


You won’t be seeing much of this any more in your high school classes.

By LONDON KEPLINGER, staff writer

Administrators from the GILA and SHS campuses will visit each classroom first period on Friday, Oct. 20, to tell students all headphones, earbuds, and personal electronic devices are banned from all high school classrooms.

Headphone, earbuds, and personal electronic devices are banned from classroom according to school district policy, but after seeing multiple students abusing the rule, administrators decided they will “pop into [each] class during first period to ask the students for their help in living into this School Board Policy,” according to an email sent to school staff on Monday.

After a gradual building of noncompliance to a pre-existing policy, Ken Essex, principal at SHS, said he wanted to remind students that this policy is not a new one at all.

“This is not a new policy. It’s just a stricter enforcement of an existing one,” said Mr. Essex.

The School Board Policy regarding headphones states that while “students may use personal electronics such as cellular telephones and music players,” they should not be turned on or used in anyway during instructional periods or in the lunch area. The only exceptions in the classroom would be use of headphones for video editing, individual online study, and independent physical education workouts.