New superintendent’s first semester: “No day is the same”


Photo by Paul Apfelbeck

Mr. Merriner talks with members of the Galena Hawks cross-country team this summer.


Jim Merriner, the new superintendent of the Galena City School District, learned after his first semester of being superintendent is that to stay on top of this job, put in a lot of hours, and that the “buck doesn’t stop here.”

“No day is ever the same. Anything and everything hits my desk everyday,” said Mr. Merriner in a recent interview.

Since Mr. Merriner, whose office is on the SHS campus, he has heard many students bragging about the SHS kitchen and how the food is really good this year. He’s also heard good things about the teaching staff from students. “Each classroom is unique, and teachers have different ways of running their classrooms,” said Mr. Merriner.

“I am proud of the students we have, and there the reason for the time and energy spent at this job. I am very impressed and thankful for the staff and volunteers we have at GCSD,” said Mr. Merriner.