New student representative to board sworn in


Photo by Paul Apfelbeck

Angelica Firmin, new student representative to the GCSD school board.

By VERONICA BEANS, staff writer

Angelica Firmin is our new student representative for the Galena City School District school board. She was sworn in at the board’s Oct. 19 meeting.

Angelica is a sophomore from Galena, but she is now living in the residence hall after her family moved to Fairbanks.

I interviewed her on Oct. 18 in the SHS library to see what she had to say about the reason behind why she wanted to become the new voice for us students, and what she expects out of this school year.

“I’m really interested in working with the school and students. I want to help get the students voices heard and out of the dark,” she said.

Here’s a transcript of the interview:

Veronica Beans: What are your duties as the student representative?
Angelica Firmin: I’m still learning about this position, but I attend the board meetings.
Beans: How will you be the voice of the students, on the school board?
Firmin: I hope to start listening to students more, non-judgmentally. If there is an issue I will bring it up to the school board.
Beans: What special issues will you be focusing on?
Firmin: I don’t know any, at the moment, but I want to help students that are struggling with homesickness, and try my best to help students stay at GILA. I also want to bring up the lunch line at GILA campus, and find out a way of how to organize it, that way students won’t be waiting outside in the cold.
Beans: Is there anything I haven’t asked about that you would like to say?
Firmin: I’m very excited to work with everyone. I still need to find out what I’m doing on the school board.

Angelica said she saw advertisement flyers in the SHS library and around the GILA campus that informed the students about to opportunity to become the student representative and she decided to try out for the position and she got it.

Be sure and say congrats to Angelica when you see her, and if you have any concerns or you have any ideas for something, don’t hesitate to bring it up to Angelica. Remember, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”