New cosmetology classes attracting lots of student interest


Photo by Adrian Johnson

Senior Stormi Hocutt looks at her new hair style from budding cosmetologist Bobby Sheldon and teacher Liza Ashley.

By NICOLE SMART, staff writer

Cosmetology has returned to GILA.

The new cosmetology teacher, Liza Ashley, is teaching one course this semester, Introduction to Cosmetology. The school has been without a cosmetology teacher since last year.

“I am giving the students a more hands-on instruction approach,” wrote Mrs. Ashley in an email.

Mrs. Ashley’s biggest surprise is the amount of male students in her class. They are actually very engaged in instruction and show great promise, she wrote. Mrs. Ashley is also surprised with the amount of students who are considering cosmetology as a career option.

The cosmetology program offers students the opportunity to get their student permits in the State of Alaska, which in turn give them a huge advantage to getting their Cosmetology license.

Mrs. Ashley has 78 students attending her Intro to Cosmetology classes.

Mrs. Ashley attended the Summit Salon Academy in Washington state. She has been a stylist and makeup artist for a few fashion shows, one of which was in Hawaii working with Motives Cosmetics for a fashion designer named Andre.

She also was the director of hair and make up for Old Navy’s Fashion week in Tacoma, Washington, where they complete makeovers on everyday people shopping at Old Navy and had them take part in the Fashion show as a surprise. She wrote that it was a great experience.

“I have also owned my own salon in University Place, Washington, called Liza Ashely Studios for 2 years before moving to Alaska,” she wrote.

Before becoming the cosmetology teacher, she worked as a dorm aide at Ptarmigan Hall.