Native dancers ready to perform for this year


Photo by Chloe Tinker

The Ptarmigan Hall Native Dance Group performing at the opening of the Student Union Building in February 2016.

By TIRZAH BRYANT, staff writer

The Native dance group, run by Ptarmigan Hall programming coordinator Kailey Jo Erickson, has recently started up again for the 2016-2017 school year. Kailey Jo is the new dance instructor for the group at GILA.

When asked why she decided to instruct the group, she said that she was asked and decided to help when no one else felt comfortable with accepting the position. She also said she is incorporating the different cultures that the kids who are familiar with the dances and songs from their region of the state help by teaching everyone else that dance or song so that no one is focusing mainly on one culture.

The group would also travel spring semester if they can do enough fundraising. They would like to plan a trip to Bethel if possible.

If anyone is interested in participating in the dance group, they can either email or call Kailey Jo or just show up and try it out. People who travel will be the ones who show up to all the practices.

They are hoping to have a community event here in Galena where everyone is welcome.