Mr. Pittsenbarger elected to city council


Mr. Pittsenbarger

By CURTIS MARTIN Jr., staff writer

Josh Pittsenbarger, the automotive technology teacher at GILA, has been elected to the city council for Galena.

Mr. Pittsenbarger received 62 votes in the election on Oct. 6. He ran unopposed.

He said during an interview being on the city council provides him another opportunity to perform his civic duty. Mr. Pittsenbarger said that being involved in your community is part of his obligation as a citizen.

Mr. Pittsenbarger said that he joined the military to express his civic duty and he is a local fireman for the same reason. He said that this is his turn to help his community.

Anyone who lives in Galena can come to him and “express their opinions for consideration,” he said, including students, residence hall staff, and anyone who lives in Galena. He said that his goal is to get more people participating in their local government.