Mining representatives speak with students about job opportunities

The Donlin Gold mining site. Photo courtesy Donlin Gold.

Photo courtesy Donlin Gold

The Donlin Gold mining site.

By KALA HENDRIKSON and KAT WILDE, staff writers

Two Donlin Gold representatives came to Galena on Nov. 28 and did a presentation at the GILA auditorium to talk about possible future jobs. There were about twenty people in the room during the presentation.

Donlin Gold is a 50/50 share company of two parent companies, Nova Gold and Galore Creek. It is in its permit section of the project, which has already taken three years and may take another possible two years.

Worker and representative Danny Twitchell came to the school to talk about possible jobs from the proposed project, which is located about ten miles out from Crooked Creek, Alaska, and near another village, Aniak.

Mr. Twitchell said he worked for over 10 years in the mining industry, at first in northern Nevada to check and monitor water pollution. Later got the chance to come back to work for Donlin Gold in Alaska as a representative.

Mag Day works as the human resources and work course manager at a gold mining project located in western Alaska.

“The reason we were invited to your school was by your principles, to talk to the juniors and seniors about an opportunity for future careers for our company, and it is important to us is because we are in our permitting phase so this project needs over a hundred permits,” said Mr. Day.
“We’ll be hiring as many 3,000 or more during 3-4 years of construction. There will be every career imaginable.”

“We will more than likely be able to find a spot in the mining industry.”