Live streaming Hawks basketball starts this weekend


Photo by Chloe Tinker

KIYU general manager Brian Landrum (left) and athletic director Jon Buchanan wired up the cameras for live streaming in the SHS gym on Thursday, Feb. 11.


This weekend’s Galena Hawks basketball games against visiting Eielson will be livestreamed. It’s the first time games will be live streamed from the SHS gym.

Athletic director Jon Buchanan and KIYU general manager Brian Landrum have been setting up cameras in the SHS gym for live streaming of basketball games during the past few weeks. The cameras have been tested and are ready to go, said Mr. Buchanan.

“The cameras will be up and running for the home games against Eielson,” he said. “There will be four cameras in the gym, one watching the score board and three watching the court.”

The streaming will be done through Galena radio station KIYU. The Hawk Highlights will publish the web address to access the stream as soon as it is known.

To set it up the cameras took one afternoon and carefully watching a church group set up cameras. “Brian had seen a group set up the cameras in a church before. He talked to the guy at the church and got the right type of chords,” John said. “He got the blessing from the superintendent to set it up in the gym.”

The control panel will be in the Hawk’s Nest, with the on-air announcers at KIYU supplying the voice-over for the video stream.