Iditarod sled dog race becomes uninvited wedding guest


Photo by Autumn Jensen-Roehl

Soon to be Mrs. Havener, no matter what happens with this year’s Iditarod.


This year’s Iditarod runs straight through Keilah Redman’s wedding plans.

The Iditarod sled dog race was rerouted by race officials on Feb. 10 due to the lack of snow along the southern part of the Alaska Range. The race usually runs from Willow to Nome. This year it will start in Fairbanks.

Ms. Redman was having her dress refitted at her home when she found out about the route changes. “I was nervous but knew God had a plan and things will work out one way or another,” she said.

Ms. Redman originally planned to be married at 3:14 pm on March 14, which is the first five digits of pi. She teaches pre-algebra and consumer math at the SHS campus.

She wanted to have a reception and potluck dinner at 5:30 p.m. in the community hall. In preparation of her wedding, Miss Redman was making ornaments to give out to her guests and was talking with people about bringing dishes for the potluck.

What happens now?

She’s hoping that the Iditarod can be out of the community hall by Friday, or the checkpoint can be moved to a different location. So far, she hasn’t made any changes to her plans.

Miss Redman met her fiancé, Jeremy Havener, about four years ago in Galena.

This is the second time in history that the Iditarod route was changed. It’s the first time Ms. Redman might have to change her wedding plans.