IDEA visitors like what they see in Galena


By ANGELICA FIRMIN, staff writer

The Interior Distance Education for Alaska (IDEA) had sent a group of representatives to Galena, and they all have positive opinions of the school.

“It’s really heartwarming, I guess, to be in a place where many people are focused on improvement and learning,” said Janice Habermann, the IDEA program’s assistant director from Anchorage.

Ms. Habermann added that she enjoys the people and students of Galena. “They’ve been interesting, engaging, polite, and intriguing.”

“I really love coming out here and seeing the small class sizes and the class variety,” she said.

Jennifer Regoord, an IDEA Parent Advisory Council (PAC) member from Anchorage, said, “I think it’s phenomenal that you have the opportunity to come here and learn real-life skills for your future.” She enjoyed seeing the Career Technical Education (CTE) programs that GILA offers, like aviation. “You are learning and serving at the same time.”

Ms. Regoord also enjoyed watching the teachers interact with the students, “I think it’s nice that they are encouraging you, helping.”

Amy Temple, an IDEA PAC member from Fairbanks said that she “loves the passion” in the Galena community and that she admires all of the GILA students for being at GILA. Ms. Temple also said that the students of Galena are all “a part of something much bigger.”

Sandy Blewett, the IDEA region Field Representative from Fairbanks, said, “One of the thing sI really like is the small class sizes.” She said that the classes GILA offers are great opportunities for the students. “I always brag about you to our families and parents.”

Ms. Blewett often praises the GILA School. She said that the students are making great achievements.

“The ripple effect of what you’re doing is going out,” Ms. Blewett said. “I’m really proud of being a part of the Galena Cite School District.”

Sally Javier, the IDEA region A Field Representative from Anchorage, said that she was impressed with “…the fact that Galena has grown with its opportunities in those few years.”

Her message for the students of Galena: “Continue learning, continue trying, never give-up.”

The five IDEA members mentioned above all wished for the high school to be on one campus.

“We wish we could hand you a check to fix all the buildings.” Said Jennifer Regoord.