New hockey rink is the game spot for Galena skaters


Photo by Paul Apfelbeck

The new hockey rink created on Alexander Lake.

By ABRAHAM BJORKLUND, staff writer

The idea to start hockey in Galena was because Martin grew up with hockey, and “it’s the best sport in the world.” And the weather was perfect for hockey, and Martin likes to get kids off their screen, “you don’t see very many kids outside anymore, most of the sports are indoors, basketball, swimming and wrestling, it’s all good stuff, but I like it when kids are outside and breathing fresh air.”

For his first hockey rink, Mr. Hornfischer had made his own hockey rink made out of 2-by-4s, 8 feet and 10 feet long, and they drained the water out of the pool, because the school needed to change the pool water. At 30 degrees below zero, they let the water out into the rink, but the water was to warm and the concrete was not completely even, the ice froze unevenly.

So they started to play Alexander Lake

, but people snow machining across the rink made it hard to keep maintained, and also the weather kept making it hard to keep maintained, and they were not able to keep the snow off the rink.

In 2017, more and more people started to come to hockey, because Mr. Hornfischer had some friends from Germany to play hockey, so with more people it was easier to keep maintained, because more workers, the less work each person has to do, and because of the man power they were able to play from October to April.

Hornfischer does not have official uniforms or any gear for the team so they play low so that no one gets hurt, but he has construction safety vest on the way so that they can determine the teams.