Galena’s new social studies teacher ready to start

Galena’s new social studies teacher says he’s pretty much done it all. He’s not kidding.

Brian Davis spent 10 years at the Open Bible Christian School in Newberg, Ore., a small, private school for elementary and high school students.

“I was the only high school social studies teacher there,” he said, where he taught courses ranging from world history and United States history to advanced placement European history, economics, philosophy, psychology, comparative politics, and a seminar on World War II. And physical education classes. And Bible study. Plus he worked at times as the vice-principal, the lead teacher, and the student activities director.

“And my last year I ran our own very small athletic department,” he said.

But there was something waiting over the horizon. “I’ve always dreamt of living in Alaska,” he said, adding that he’s had a lifelong interest in different cultures and seeing how other people live. For three years, Mr. Davis was the high school social studies teacher in the villages of Scammon Bay and Marshall.

He said the Galena’s reputation for education excellence was well known in the villages where he taught.

Mr. Davis will teach government, Alaska studies, and geography at the GILA campus.

“My goal is to get the kids to have the same passion and love for history that I have,” he said.

The son of Winnie and Gary Davis, he was born and raised in Salem, Ore., where he graduated from McKay High School in 1993. Following graduation, he earned a bachelor’s degree in history, with a minor in political science, from Regis University in Denver. His history degree focused on Asian and European studies.

Mr. Davis has also did post-baccalaureate coursework at Corban University in Salem, Ore., for social studies education. He completed the program in 1999.