Galena students heading to AVTEC for inside look


Photo courtesy Josh Pittsenbarger

Automotive students (from left) Corbin McGinty, Angel Wassillie, and Jayden Duny are among those headed to AVTEC for a tour of the school.

By AARON MUNTER, staff writer

Automotive teacher Josh Pittsenbarger and GILA counselor Jana Rider are taking students to Alaska’s Institute of Technology (AVTEC) to tour the campus in Seward on Wednesday to Saturday, March 11-14. Students will be looking at the equipment and technologies that AVTEC has to offer.

“Our goal is to familiarize the students with the requirements for attendance to a trade school,” said Mr. Pittsenbarger. “They can see what a facility looks like.”

Students will focus on heavy diesel, welding and pipefitting programs. The students will also be able to gain a sense of what a trade school is like and explore the requirements for joining a trade school such as AVTEC.

The students that were chosen to go to AVTEC were recommended by CTE teachers, including Mr. Pittsenbarger himself. He said that the recommended students from his class were based on who he thought would be the most advantageous to send.

“Many of the students have been accepted to AVTEC already or have been invited based on instructor recommendation,” said Mr. Pittsenbarger.

Funding for the trip is provided by a grant, according to school officials.

Students who are traveling:
Jayden Duny
Craig Beans
Corbin McGinty
Eric Willhite
Jordan Billy
Evelyn Tomlinson
Rudi Joseph