Galena student goes on the air

Galena student goes on the air

By MEGAN PATSY, staff writer

Angelica Firmin, student representative for the school board and junior at GILA, has recently became a part of our local radio, KIYU. She is from Galena.

She says she joined because she has always had an interest in journalism and being in the public. “I thought it’d be fun,” she said.

Angelica says that being on the radio is “kind of like a thrill.”

Angelica’s duties on the radio are to get stories from within Galena and interview the people.

Miss Firmin’s dream is to become an actress and being on the radio “intensifies it,”she said.

One thing she likes about the radio is getting information first-hand and that it takes up a lot of her time. Soon she will have more time on the air with more important information, but for now she is just doing evening announcements.