Galena student brings lively voice to Interior airwaves


Photo by Paul Apfelbeck

Angelica Firmin doing the play-by-play at the Galena JV basketball tournament in January from the Hawk’s Nest in the SHS gym.

By ANISA ARNOLD, staff writer

Angelica Firmin remembers her first day as an on-air announcer at the Galena radio station, KIYU.

“When I first started speaking on the microphone, my voice like lost its tone,” she said.

She was super scared, and thought she was going to mess up and break the microphone or something.

Angelica is 16 years old and is a junior at GILA. During her sophomore year, she took Mr. A’s journalism class and she loved it. She also really enjoys media and communications.

“Yay, there’s more journalism,” Angelica said when she was offered a job at the KIYU radio station.

When Angelica first started working, there she didn’t know she could do as much as she could, like talking over the radio. She speaks on the Yukon Wireless in the evenings, and records stories for KIYU. She also helps film sports, and helps with events such as the Halloween Carnival.
She describes her job as “nerve racking,” and “kind of like acting in a sense.” The jokes she says with her friends may not be something the older audiences want to hear over the radio. Angelica said, “I really enjoy my job, it makes me really happy!”

Brian Landrum, manager at KIYU, says Angelica brings fun exciting youthfulness, and enthusiasm to the radio station. Angelica is a part-time announcer, she assists in sports video streaming. KIYU brought classes to the station to see what they do, Angelica is the first student at GILA to work there.

Brian Landrum said he’s always glad to help those interested in KIYU, and if there are any students who’s interested in working there you can email them at, or give them a call at 656-1488.