Galena delegates head to Tanana Chief’s convention

By ALLY ZAUKAR, staff writer

Four Galena high school students will be attending as youth delegates at the Tanana Chief’s Conference convention from Mar. 10-13 in Fairbanks.

The students are Cameron Hildebrand, 15, from Koyukuk; Julia Grant, 16, from Galena; Kaylen Gray, 17, from Allakaket; and Logan Marshall, 17, from Galena. All of these students are currently attending our school at SHS or GILA.

The four students will be attending the conference as youth delegates chosen to represent their subregions, said Katina Charles, employment training and youth manager for TCC. In total, 12 students were selected to represent 42 tribes in the conference.

The youth delegates will meet with Jerry Isaac, TCC president, as well as the Doyon Foundation, the non-profit subsidiary of the Doyon Corp. which provides scholarships for shareholders and assists students with post-secondary education opportunities.

“We like to get them to think about what happens after high school,” said Ms. Charles.

The students were selected based on letters of recommendation and from written answers to questions about being a role model, future goals, and the importance of education.

Troy A. Eid, Chair of the Indian Law and Order Commission, was chosen by TCC to be this year’s keynote speaker, according to the TCC website. He will be addressing the ongoing issue of public safety in Alaska Native communities and how it will affect villages within the region.