Don’t be a drag at the prom, be a queen

By CORA JONES, staff writer

Everyone is getting ready for prom. This year prom is on May 5 – buy your ticket from the junior class students!

Last year before prom, I spent six hours doing hair and makeup for girls on the girl’s floor. Whether you’re going for a makeup look that serves glamour or more of a simple vibe, we’ve got your back.

Getting ready for prom as a girl is complicated. Girls have to find a dress, deal with makeup issues, prep their skin, and more. To make sure that prom is the best night of your life, here are some tips from students and staff of the dorms.

1. Wash your face before you put your makeup on
You don’t want to look like a gloomy weather on the big night, right? Washing your face with exfoliator bead before applying makeup. This allows you to remove dead skin, and give you a smoother surface for your makeup. One good product is clean and clear with beads. You will scrub in small, circular motions, and rinse with warm water.
2. Moisturize
For the perfect base for you makeup to apply smoothly, moisturize. Once you fully moisturize your face give it some time to absorb and sink into your skin.
3. Primer is your best friend.
Applying primer is fairly easy. Did you know? That primer is the secret to long-wearing makeup and also brightens the under eye. The primer itself can hide acne scars, and allows for a smoother look.
4. Foundation
Don’t want to look cakey or masklike? Start off by looking for your perfect color. The color should be the same color as your jawline. Then apply a small amount of the foundation over the face, and blend with a wet beauty blender. Using a wet beauty blender will give you the airbrushed finish. If you want more coverage add more foundation. It is easier to apply a little at a time then to take it off.
5. Eyebrows
Eyebrows shape your face. Find the beginning of your brows by hold a brow pencil vertically at the middle of each nostril. The swing the pencil until it grazes the outer corner of your eye. If you have sparse spots, you can make a bolder look by using a brow pencil, or pomade. Apply in the direction of hair growth.
6. Contour
Contour is the new Photoshop. To bring out your cheekbones, find the hollow part on the side of your face. Then place your pigment there. Right above that you can then follow up with your blush.
7. Eyeshadow
For the sharp edge, use scotch tape and line it up with you lower lash line and let it lay close to the tail of the eyebrow. Then put a transition shade all over the lid. Pick the next color, and put it in the crease of your eyelid. Then pick another to put on the out corner of your eye. Get a flat eyeshadow brush and spray it with setting spray. Use that brush to pick up a shimmer eyeshadow. The setting spray will allow the color to be vibrant. Your eye is now complete.
8. False lashes or mascara
Many prefer having fake lashes. To apply your fake eyelashes, take the lash and size it to your upper lash line. If it goes longer than your lash line, cut the longer end of the lashes. After put lash glue onto the lashes, and wait till the glue gets tacky. Use twister and angle the lashes up and put it on the lash line. If that seem like a lot of work. Curl your lashes and apply five layers of mascara to get the same affect.
9. Time to shine
Spray your face with setting spray. Use a high light brush to apply pigment. Apply on high cheek bones, inner eye, brow bone, nose, and chin.
10. Setting spray
Spray your entire face for long wearing makeup. This set all your makeup all day.