Brace yourselves, winter is coming


Photo by Megan Patsy

Hawks Highlights staff writers Alex Evans and Wassillie Gust simply don’t care about the below freezing temperatures at the SHS campus. Does it look cold yet?

By MEGAN PATSY, staff writer

People get ready for winter in different ways depending on what they’re used to or where they’re originally from.

Most of us from interior Alaskans believe there is nothing to get ready for.

Other people from different parts of Alaska or different states don’t know what’s going to hit them until it’s already too late.

These people from other places think 30 above is cold. Man, are they in for a surprise.

For example, Hawk Highlights editor London Keplinger, who has never experienced an interior winter due to the fact that she is from Kodiak, claims it is “going to be freezing.” London is also scared for there to only be “two hours of sunlight” and she is “scared of below freezing temperatures.” Ms. Keplinger has never been to interior Alaska prior to becoming a student at Galena Interior Learning Academy.

Ms. Keplinger grew up in Kodiak. She said, “The winters are vary rainy. Doesn’t get a lot of snow. And it’s never below freezing temp.”

One thing she hopes for in her first interior winter is to not “get a frostbite, step in a puddle and freeze her toes off, or freeze to death.”

Here’s my advice is always be ready for it to get colder. Get thicker winter gear. Maybe adjust like the animals do and put on a little extra weight. Make sure your homes have heating fuel at all times or that you always have fire wood.

Although these winters are a little “bipolar” as everyone always says, it doesn’t hurt to be ready for the worse.