SHS student goes to Junior Olympics


Photo courtesy John Riddle

John Riddle III at the Junior Olympics in Anchorage.

By LENNEA PICNALOOK, staff writer

John Riddle III went to Junior Olympics!

Sidney C. Huntington student John Riddle III, an eighth grader, went to the Junior Olympics on April 22 at Bartlett High School in Anchorage.

John participated in the 50 meter free-style and was 0.3 seconds away from winning it.

“I was ready to go,” said John Riddle III. His best time was 25.74 seconds. It was the only event he participated in.

John trained throughout the 8-month season of swimming, practicing four times a week with a lot of hard sprint practices.

“Next year I plan on making it to the 50 free-style and 100 free and back event,” he said.

John would like to thank his coaches Mr. Harris and Mrs. Betterton for pushing him really hard, his teammates for making practice fun, and his parents for supporting him really well.