SHS gym getting new floor and bleachers


Source: Architects Alaska

The blueprint for the new basketball court in the SHS gym.


There will be new gym bleachers and floor in the SHS gym by next year because the floor is cracking and is injuring basketball players, said athletic director Jon Buchanan.

Contractors will be in by March 2 to determine what will need to be done, he said.

“The type of wood will likely be maple wood and cost around $72,000,” he said. “The gym floor has been around since 1998 – eighteen years.”

The gym floor will have new paint lines. The old pull-out bleachers will be replaced with an electric bleachers that will come out with the push of a button.

The floor is cracking and is not easy on the players’ legs, said Mr. Buchanan.

Using the bleachers will be a lot easier with them being electric instead of pulling them out by hand, he added.

“With the old floor, we will think about cutting them in pieces… and selling them to the alumni. If not, we will bring them to the dump,” said Mr. Buchanan. “With the bleachers, we will try to salvage them and use them for future projects around the school, I don’t know about the metal on the bleachers.”