Phlight Club builds resilience and community


Photo by Paul Apfelbeck

In this activity, students link arms in a seated position and then learn to cooperate with each other to stand up as a group.

By KALA HENDRICKSON, staff writer

The first Phlight Club Phly-By-Night gathering of Galena students and community members was Sept. 23-24 in the GILA gym.

“The mission of Phlight Club is meant to help students learn who they are now, and to grow by connecting with adults in healthy ways,” said Corrie Hruby, a Phlight Club organizer and a former science and math teacher for Galena high school students.

“It helps them by teaching them both why they need anchors [adults] and why they need anchors and how to connect with anchors.”

About 80 students were in the GILA gym for activities that started at 7 p.m. Friday night and continued through 10 a.m. Saturday morning.

Arlene Wilson, a junior from Kotzebue, said that when she came to Galena for the very first Phlight Club, they were locked in for two nights and three days. “In the first Phlight Club, we wrote nice things about who [each] person is, and this recent one we did not do it because it was an all-nighter instead of three days.”

“Phlight Club helps me realize who my anchors are,” said Arlene. Anchors are adults who help and support students learn how to be resilient and have good relationships.

“We learned about what has happened in our past,” said James John, a sophomore from Kipnuk. “When we did the trust falls, it was hard for me to trust my partner to catch me… it helped me to trust others around me.”